GeoMaster Jr. is ideal for users who only need a full and complete "Place Name" file consisting of the following data fields linked to each record:
Field Name Field Description Record Length
RGI Index# Unique Record ID (numeric)
Country Code Official ISO Alpha Code 2
Place Name Correct FIPS (Census) Spelling 29
County Name Correct FIPS (Census) Spelling 21
State Abb  Correct FIPS/ISO Abbreviation 2
Zip Code(s)  All current ZIP Codes 70*
 * Consists of 10 'slots' of 7-bytes in order to accommodate large ZIP areas. Includes over 50,000 places not listed by the United States Postal Service and almost 18,000 places not listed by Canada Post.
This is RGI's "entry level" data file available for both the United States and Canada. Users needing other data fields linked to each record should refer to RGI's base GeoMaker line. Over 125,000 U.S. records and almost 25,000 Canadian records. For more information email or call RGI today.