A Custom Geographic Data File for QTRACS/MileMaker Users

GeoMaster QMR is an all new, custom version of RGI's GeoMaster data file which is specifically designed for users employingboth the Qualcomm QTRACS vehicle location software and Rand McNally's MileMaker System.

QTRACS and MileMaker are the premier products in their respective application areas. However, since each has different data limitations, file structures and processing methodologies, they do not communicate with each other. That is, until now, with GeoMaster QMR - an all new RGI data product which joins QTRACS and MileMaker into a very powerful and highly effective team for supporting vehicle location, ETA determination, out-of-route and fuel tax audit support applications.

GeoMaster QMR (which means "QTRACS/MileMaker Ready"), links QTRACS and MileMaker in a fashion which makes both even more valuable! How? GeoMaster QMR virtually triples the location data granularity of QTRACS, thus allowing it to report extremely more precise vehicle locations. Then, by replacing all MileMaker coordinates with RGI's GPS accurate coordinates, GeoMaster QMR enables MileMaker to be 100% "Long/Lat" ready.

And, a bonus is the fact that GeoMaster QMR is easily installable into the latest version of QTRACS as well as being totally compatible with the all-new MileMaker Guide 17 System edition.

Finally, GeoMaster QMR comes in two varieties. The first is a "Place Name Only" (cities/towns) version which enables users to simply interpolate QTRACS provided coordinates (Long/Lats) into MileMaker recognizable place names or Standard Point Location Codes (SPLCs). The second adds over 21,000 highway junctions which are both recognizable and processable by MileMaker.

* GeoMaster and GeoMaster QMR are trademarks of Ragsdell Group, Inc.
* QTRACS is a registered trademark of Qualcomm, Incorporated
* MileMaker is a registered trademark of Rand McNally-TDM.