GeoMaster is the most accurate integrated transportation database ever compiled. What makes GeoMaster different? The data is "linked", or integrated, meaning you have scores of related data elements at your fingertips, and every bit of information has been verified for accuracy. That saves you time, and money.

When you license GeoMaster, you choose the customized data elements that meet your unique needs. There are over 30 data fields to choose from covering vital geographic, business and transportation information for both the United States and Canada. In addition, 14 data flags are available for supporting various automated decision applications.

You pick the data elements you want "linked" and we deliver them ready to use.

Here's just a small sample of the individual data elements which can be mixed and matched (see data dictionary for a complete listing):

  • SPLCs - as officially published by National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA).
  • SPLCs - as recognized by Rand McNally's MileMaker system (available to MileMaker
    customers only).
  • Official FIP-55 Place Name spellings (postal).
  • Alternate Place Name spellings.
  • "Also-Known-As" Place Names.
  • Rand McNally's MileMaker spellings (available to MileMaker customers only).
  • FIPS codes (to city level).
  • ZIP Codes
  • Long / Lats
  • Time Zones
  • Telephone Area Code/Exchanges
  • Location/Highway Information Narratives

RGI has an unrivaled reputation for data accuracy. Because much of the data included in GeoMaster is highly dynamic, it is constantly updated to ensure the latest currency. And...individual customers have the ability to tailor their own data maintenance cycles.

With GeoMaster, you know that you have the most accurate data available. You also know you got that data the smart way - without spending a fortune in financial and human resources.

GeoMaster isn't just data; it's peace of mind.