GeoMaster provides data specifically designed to support virtually all of today's sophisticated transportation and general business needs.
Through GeoMaster's unique GeoLink "linking" methodology, application developers are consistently provided data which gives them correct answers...Answers which provide them, and you, with the power needed to run business more effectively.
GeoMaster QMR (meaning "Qualcomm/MileMaker Ready) is a data file specifically designed to link Qualcomm's QTRACS product with Rand McNally's MileMaker system. Increases density by almost 300 percent for more accurate ETA estimates and mileage/routing calculations.
GeoMaster Jr. is RGI's "starter file" for companies who only need a base file of Place Names linked to county, state and Zip Codes. Ideal for users concerned about the correct (Federal Information Processing Standard) spellings and Zip Code accuracy.

National Commercial Zone Directory 

RGI's All-New National Commercial Zone Directory is now available for Carriers and Shippers.

Contains listings and descriptions of places within the Commercial Zones of 53 of the largest cities in the United States as prescribed by the Uniform Code of Regulations.